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Monday, 25 February 2013

The Spice Lounge Albert Dock

Being a lover of spicy food I often get a hankering for a curry. My boyfriend is a right wimp when it comes to the hot stuff so I decided to take my dad (a kindred spirit on the quest for tongue S&M) out for something to eat at the Spice Lounge on The Albert Dock.
We were sat down immediately even though we turned up early for our booking, lucky really as it got packed later on, on both floors – astonishing for a Tuesday night. We got talking to the manager who explained it’s his good reputation for quality food that ensures he’s always busy. He took the time to talk us through the menu, explaining how they use much healthier and better quality ingredients than your average takeaway joint and made recommendations on what he thought we should try.
I went with chicken and my dad went with lamb, obviously we tried each others (as you do) and the lamb was so tasty! I’m not usually a fan of lamb but it was gorgeous and really spicy.
By the end of the meal we were absolutely stuffed and I had to ask for half of my meal to be packaged up to take away. Wasting food? Ain’t nobody got time fo dat!
The manager caught me admiring the huge chandelier on the way out (I’m like a magpie for anything shiny) and he explained they’re planning on building a new cocktail lounge upstairs in May. Cannot wait. Curry and cocktails? Count me in!

Miller & Carter Albert Dock

When our friends who we’d not seen for ages mentioned they were coming over from France (where they live the lucky things!) for the week we decided to ‘do lunch’.
I’d been dying to try Miller & Carter for ages, it always looks so nice when you walk past. My boyfriend has just had a brace thing fitted and can’t eat much so he was fuming when we decided
When we arrived we were sat in a lovely booth overlooking the dock. I absolutely love looking out at the dock. It’s mad that in living memory it was just a desolate wasteland. What’s been done there is amazing.
The waiter explained that the champagne was on special offer at £25 per bottle and the cocktails were £4.95. Needles to say I’ve just had to sit here and rack my brains for about half an hour just to remember what food I had after we abused the drinks special offers quite a bit! The chocolate orange martini was like a dessert in a glass.
For starters I had something delicious definitely! For the main I had the rib eye steak and peppercorn sauce with their famous lettuce slice. I ate all the steak and had no room left for my lettuce. I had a little taste like, and as lettuce goes I can see why it’s famous but there’s no way a girl can favour a leaf over a prime piece of meat.
We were having so much fun we missed our slot on the duck tour…ooops! More champagne please waiter!

Dianne Marshall Remy Hair extensions

Extensions: Can’t live with ‘em, can’t live without ‘em. They can look so fantastically good or bad that choosing the right ones (for your budget) is really important.
I’ve been on the extensions for years, love, love, love them to death. You definitely feel more fabulous with a glossy mane and more tragic with matted rat’s tails. My first extensions were the real deal Russian ones years ago which my hairdresser sourced from the woman who supplied Herbert’s (which I’ve since learnt WAS Dianne Marshall), I’ve had European, Remy and proper crap ones so I’ve been through the extension mill.
The worst ones I ever had were like a self matting weave, I brushed them, remained completely still and within 2 minutes they’d worked their way into one giant knot….how?? Magic stennies. I had them sewn in one day and cut out the next. *shudders*
recently read about Dianne Marshall in a magazine and found out she actually did Kate Winslet’s extensions in Titanic and Gwyneth Paltrow’s in Shakespeare In Love. She’d trained in Beverley Hills and actually almost single-handedly brought boss extensions to the city of Liverpool and even the UK. This woman was the real deal – the Gucci of the extension world and I had to have her hair. Not literally hers like, I wasn’t planning on scalping her in a dark alley or anything.
A friend of mine managed to get me booked in with her; Dianne’s just released a new Remy range (which is still top quality double drawn thickness) which was more within my price range, so I had to give it a go. I’d been saving up for some decent ones for the summer and I wasn’t let down. They are gorgeous – so soft and thick.
Dianne herself is an absolute babe, I love her loads. We had a good old gab and I explained to her that I was paranoid about getting bald patches and sores at the side of my head (had some over-eager weave sewers in the past) and she knew exactly what to do and where to place it and oh my god, it didn’t even hurt. I haven’t even got a headache or anything, the woman is a genius! Dianne, where have you been all my life??

Marco Pierre White Steakhouse - Hotel Indigo

I’d been dying to try out the new Marco Pierre White steakhouse for ages, even thought he looks a lot like the baddy from Ghostbusters 2, I’d heard he was a dab hand in the kitchen. When it was suggested to go there for a business meeting I was made up and jumped at the chance. Come on Marco, I’m boss at making Koka noodles, bring it!
As business meetings in bars tend to go I ended up having their signature cocktail ‘the cotton candy martini’ upon recommendation from the barman. When he put a giant ball of candy floss in the glass I was a bit dubious, 1. How would I drink it? & 2. Is this going to be the most sickeningly sweet tasting drink ever? When he poured the cocktail over the candyfloss and it dissolved and crystallised into the glass then he explained that adding lime juice and champagne to the grenadine (and something else I can’t remember) takes the edge off the sweetness, my fears were allayed. Well it was gorgeous….several of them were consumed.
For the meal I chose the Halloumi (always a winner), the steak in peppercorn sauce (don’t ask me which steak, it was from the set menu) and the banoffee, rum & raisin for dessert. All amazingly beautiful, I’ve tasted some decent steaks in Liverpool but this one was just perfect, almost melted in the mouth and so, so tasty.
The bar and waiting staff were extremely attentive and the service was excellent.
A fantastic restaurant – I’d definitely go again.

Celebrity Sun

I was havin a mooch on twitter one day and came across something which claimed to be the fake tan that doesn’t smell of biscuits, not only that but actually smelt of baby powder. Yeh alright lad whatever.
I decided to give it a punt though, I’ll try anything once and seein as it was (still is) on offer for £6.99 instead of £15 I got me fella to acquire me some for Xmas.
At the moment they do one shade and it’s in a spray form which allows for a pretty even application. As with all tans though I’d wear latex gloves (no one wants to have the drama of bleaching their hands) and pat well for an even finish.
Naturally my first question to them was ‘You ARE gonna be doin a dark, a dead dark and for the hardcore tanner a ‘scouse’ shade right?’ - They confirmed more products and shades are being added imminently. I think at the time of actually writing this they may have already launched a few more - including different scents and a shimmer.
I snuck it on before I went to bed knowing full well I’d set off the ‘biscuit smell detector’ (me fella) if there was so much as a hint of digestive coming from me. He didn’t even notice! Result. I think if I put me nose right to me skin and sniffed hard there was the faintest ‘eau de tan’ in the morning but it was barely enough to comment on. A definite improvement on both the cheap and expensive tans we all know and love. I was pretty impressed with the colour as well, it was reminiscent of me bronzey from when I got back from Egypt this year - ok not quite as dark, that was ridiculous and would look totally out of place in late December but it was a nice shade and it was even.
I was sitting in work the other day and lookin at me pale arms in disgust (take the shame Scouse Bird, take the shame) so the next morning before work I even put a thick layer on and now they’re lovely. Yes that’s right, I wore it to work and no one was even on to the smell.
All in all I’m pretty impressed. www.celebritysuntan.com
They’re a pretty new business so as far as I know they’re looking for stockists so if any salons want to get in touch I’m sure they’ll be happy to chat. They offer spray tan stuff as well as the individual at home spray bottles. I’d get in now while they’ve still got an offer on. I’m deffo stockpiling it! To follow them on twitter and stay up to date with new products click here