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Sunday, 26 May 2013

Shrinking Violet from Blushious

Loads of people have been asking me about the Shrinking Violet body wrap so here's my review...

Like any girl I'm searching for the miracle weight loss cure (cue all the gym bores goin: Eat clean, train dirty. Be assed. No). Last year before I went on holiday I had sonic lipo from some snide salon in Aintree off a groupon. The woman blatantly measured me loosely before the treatment then tightly afterwards an was like "Oh you've lost 5 inches" Like fuck I had. I never went back for the rest of my treatments - her raging halitosis was probably a huge factor in that. Despite the overwhelming evidence that she was a charlatan and i had wasted my money I still wanted to believe, but the death breath was the final nail in the coffin.

Anyway to the shrinking violet! The girl who does my HD brows (Browtique) moved to Blushious salon and they told me all about this new body wrap "Shrinking Violet" - sign me up.

I had my first treatment last week and she marked off the exact points where she measured me, so no cheating! She then rubbed me down with the SV oil and wrapped me in cling film. I was feeling all vulnerable and naked in just a thong but she put me at ease. Nothin like havin a naked goss.

The hour flew by and I genuinely did lose 7 inches - most importantly 3/4 inch off each ham arm! Bye bye ham arms! Can't wait to complete my course.

So yes, I would recommend. Follow @blushious_spmu on twitter for details, they're one of the only places in Liverpool to offer it. 


Treatment number & inch loss

1. 7.5"
2. 3"
3. 4"
Tuesday, 21 May 2013


Due to the stress of having to deal with idiots on a daily basis I developed frown lines and forehead wrinkles from the age of 21. I’d been dying to get Botox but like a lot of people I was priced out, plus I had people saying at 26 I was too young. Well for a start I already had more wrinkles than I was willing to deal with and I didn’t want any more - prevention is better than cure! I first went to Lee in B clinics a couple of years ago from a Groupon deal of all things - the deal was good but when I went I found his prices were lower than others anyway. Lee is a fantastic guy to sit and chat with, he makes you feel so at ease that it’s like going to visit a friend rather than a doctor. He explained that he was one of the first doctors in the country to start doing Botox, so experience wise I trust him implicitly with my visage. The last thing I want is to end up with a wonky face from going to visit some back street beautician who’s syringe happy! I couldn’t be any happier with my treatment, I used to spend hours in the mirror looking at my developing wrinkles, obsessing over them - now they don’t even enter my mind. My facial expressions haven’t been affected, they’re still natural rather than frozen (i.e. I can still snarl me head off). No one would ever know I’d had Botox except for the fact I’m really open about it. If you’re thinking about getting Botox there is no one else I would recommend.



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