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Sunday, 11 August 2013

Token Homewares

I'm redecorating the bedroom and recently a local designer was brought to my attention. She's an ex JMU student who's launched her own company Token Homewares. I popped a picture on Instagram the other day and had a few people asking about it so here's all the info! http://www.tokenhomewares.bigcartel.com/

Someone said it looks like the crown Carrie wore to Stanfords wedding in SATC - it does!!!

Now I just need to get this bed from Opulence in cavern walks 🙈🙈🙈 - serious wedge needs to be dropped though hahahaha 


Scouse Bird

Thursday, 8 August 2013

Teeth whitening - Lasers v Bleach

No one wants yellow peggies. My aspiration is to have teeth as white as Ross from friends in THAT episode, however, short of using domestos as mouthwash or getting horrendous veneers a la Rylan I doubt that’s ever going to happen.

Back in the day I used to get 35% bleach peroxide from ebay for a fiver and my god it was amazing, lifted those teeth right up! However it’s kind of a bit illegal in the UK now as it destroys your gums so I haven’t been able to get hold of any for years. I’ve been using the teeth whitening trays from Btox Clinics for a while now which are 6% bleach I think? They do work but it’s a gradual whitening process and for the same reason why I’d be no good on the pill (I’m forgetful and forget to do it daily) my gnashers aren’t where I want them to be. I also lost one of my trays and dilly dallied (ay that’s something you haven’t heard from anyone except your nan isn’t it?) about getting a new one so we’ve ended up a couple of weeks before my hols and I need a quick fix.

Enter Suresmiles. Me and me fella (yes a new one, keep up) went to see the larger than life Maxzine who is passionately anti bleach and pro blue light technology. The offer at the time was £30 instead of £80, bargain.

We were a little dubious when we turned up as Maxzine works out of her house which I didn’t know beforehand BUT within 2 minutes of being there we were made to feel welcome and at home. It was just unexpected. She did a shade test on us both on her peg chart, he was a 24 & 26 (smoker, tut) and I was an 8 & 12 (already pretty white). The treatment took about an hour each and afterward she did a shade test on us again and he had lifted to a 14 (10-12 shades!) and I had lifted to a 2 which is the lightest shade on her chart and the lightest she’d ever had. Yes that’s right, I won at teeth whitening.

The next 48hrs we could only eat white food and drink while the teeth ‘closed’ which was a little bit of a pain but not horrendous. All in all we’re both made up with the results and for £30 you can’t really argue.



Scouse Bird

Saturday, 3 August 2013

Sure - Maximum Strength Cream

I have a bit of a fetish for nice smelling deodorant. I’m still to this day mourning the discontinuation of Sure’s Calming spray – that was the mac daddy of boss smells and I’ve yet to find one quite as amazing.

I was excited when Sure brought out a new range of cream roll ons (the likes of which I hadn’t seen since the late 90’s when that was all the rage) so I decided to try all 3.

The formula gives maximum protection against perspiration…don’t they all claim to? Although after the gym and hot yoga I still smell fresh and great so I’ll give them that.

Scent wise none of them can replace the Sure Calming shaped hole in my olfactory heart but they all still smell fab. The pink one "confidence" is my favourite - they all have a clean smell to them rather than fruity or floral.

Bring back Sure Calming!


Scouse Bird

Friday, 2 August 2013

Tangle Teezer

Most people will have probably heard of Tangle Teezers and if you haven’t, you should have.

Now that I’ve got 22” extensions I find the amount of time I have to dedicate to keeping them looking amazing has increased along with the length.  Once you’ve forked out a small fortune on the hair of your dreams the last thing you want to do is wreck it trying to comb the tats out. I swear by Tangle Teezers.

They have a growing collection and limited edition & kids ranges and my own personal collection is growing fast. I have the elite salon teezer in hot pink which is used in high end hairdressers. I have the compact one in metallic gold which is amazing for popping in your bag on a night out. Then I have the aqua version which is great for combing wet hair and for at the beach on holiday (that’s my fave, it’s easiest to hold).

The flexible bristles mean that they work through the tats without catching and dragging half your hair out. It’s definitely less painful. I’ve heard of many people who swear by using them on their daughters for less tears after bathtime. I still to this day remember the torture of my mum ragging my hair everywhere after washing.

The tangle teezers are available from loads of places like Boots etc or you can buy them from the internet. They’re about a tenner which is the cost of a good hairbrush anyway.


Scouse Bird